Bunnies and Chicks

Here are our eight baby bunnies and their mama. This picture was taken right before we separated them, it is time for them to be weened, and for the mama to have a break.



This is the new home for the baby bunnies. Robin built this, it sits on the grass so the rabbits can graze and is divided into two sections so the females live in one side and the males live in the other side.


We had 4 chicks hatch but getting decent pictures of them at all, let alone all together is near impossible, so here are some photos.Image




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Things sure have been changing here at Cove Creek Homestead. The baby bunnies are just about weened and will be ready to be separated from their mother on the 15th! This makes a little late mother’s day gift for the blonde mama bunny who I’m sure is tired of all the babies scampering about.

We had one of our hens go broody and she hatched 4 chicks! We are hoping that they will be all hens, but you never know!

We have been planting herbs and veggies in the ground and the weather here has been gorgeous, but lucky for us it is starting to rain, making our transplants very happy.

Pictures soon to come of the playful baby bunnies, the cute fluffy chicks, and our growing crops!

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New Additions!

We are very excited to introduce some new additions to our farm!


Here are our 9 baby bunnies at about 9 days old!


Here is one of our new adult doe rabbits, she is a chinchilla rabbit with gorgeously soft fur.


Here is another very sweet doe we just got yesterday! We bought her at a poultry auction and we think the poor thing is underfed, pregnant, and with ear mites! I am treating her ear mites with a solution of water and honey, feeding her proper pregnancy amounts of food, and will keep an eye on her. I think she is going to be much happier here!

wine dot auricana

And here are our two new laying hens! An araucana and wine dot. After Robin and Nichelle got back from a bike ride last night we found that the araucana escaped her temporary housing space! We chased her around the pastures and finally caught and secured her safely in her home. Apparently she wasn’t too upset about it because she laid an egg this morning! These two hens will go to live with the other ladies and Beau once they have been quarantined for about a week or so to make sure they don’t have any healthy problems that could infect the other girls. Luckily they seem to be very healthy!

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Spring Equinox Baby Bunnies!

Blonde mama bunny gave birth to 9 healthy baby bunnies on the Spring Equinox. Robin insists this is a good omen for the coming growing season! How exciting!

This past Sunday we also brought home a NEW rabbit. She is a chinchilla rabbit and has gorgeous gray fur.

New pictures of all these exciting events to come!

Also! Our brown and white bunny has been sympathy nesting with the blonde! She wants to be in on the fun and attention too! She will be the next rabbit to be bred.

Happy Spring!

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Meet The Chickens And Rooster

Robin is the main care giver of the chickens. We love our ladies and Beau our rooster is the sweetest, allowing us to pick him up and carry him around. We love farm fresh eggs, we sure you would (if you don’t already!) too! We hope to get a couple more hens in the near future.


This is our one araucana in a nesting box. She lays smallish blue/green eggs.


This is our rooster Beau. He is gorgeous and sweet and the new kid on the block. He is very good with the ladies.


A couple of our red heads. They lay bigger brown eggs.


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Meet The Rabbits

Here at Cove Creek Homestead Nichelle is the bunny whisperer. She absolutely loves them. We have permanent female and 1 permanent buck for breeding.


This is our mama to be! She will be kindling around the 17th – 21st of this month! She is the sweetest and most timid of the rabbits, often getting to eat last when the three still shared a cage in their early life. She loves to burrow in her straw and goes crazy for apples. Nichelle has favored this one with love and petting. Nichelle likes to call this one the blonde.


This is another of our ladies, gorgeous brown and white. She is friendly and less timid than the blonde. She likes to play in the straw and loves dandelion greens. You can often find Nichelle with half her body in this cage petting this little lady.


This is our one buck. He is a gorgeous brown and the most friendly of all the rabbits. He often sticks his head out of the cage to be fed! As far as food and treats go, he is not picky! He gobbles up anything you give him happily. Nichelle thinks this guy is the prettiest colored of the three.

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Meet The Farmers


Robin Buckingham is a graduate from The Evergreen State College with a focus in agriculture. He has been farming at the college organic farm and other CSA (community supported agriculture) farms for the past few years.


Nichelle Barber is an Evergreen State College graduate with a focus in botany. She has been working with plants and herbalism for the past 5 years. She has worked on a CSA farm and home gardening projects.

Check out Nichelle’s herbalism wordpress at http://coraroseapothecary.wordpress.com/


Robin and Nichelle are very excited for the coming growing season and look forward to getting to share their farming experience and getting to know our community better through the sharing of food.

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